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Default How's it going?

Every now and again I come in here to reminisce and, in some cases, lament. Got me wondering how everyone is doing, if anyone even checks this place. I think this board was better than FB or any other social media is or can ever aspire to be yet, sadly, the blockbusters of social media have seemed to put mom and pop shops like this out of business.

Interesting segueway... I remember back in the 80's when Blockbuster was coming around and buying or otherwise putting the mom and pops out of business. Fast forward to just a few years ago and I got to witness Blockbuster go out of business itself because of Redbox, Netflix, the internet and the like. Poetic justice? Perhaps...

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Default Re: How's it going?

I check in almost every day. When I have something interesting, or some work that I have done to post, I do. Then I put a link onto the fb page that brings people here to read it. People follow, but no one ever seems to have their own things to contribute.

I didn't trust putting personal stuff on fb before they proved to be untrustworthy, and my expectations have not changed.

As for me, life goes on. Too much rugby has decimated several of my bodies joints, and pain is pretty much a continual part of my life now. I had to stop construction - ladders, crawling around on floors, walking on slopped roofs and being on my feet all day are not in the cards any more. I drive a school bus a couple times a day at the moment, and am working on getting some woodworking business on the side.

I too lament the lose of this place. I don't know if it was truly unique, but it was unique in my experience.
I like to take my time
I like to linger as it flies
A weekend on your lips
A lifetime in your eyes
Leonard Cohen

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